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All About Tumut

ALL ABOUT TUMUT- Accommodation, Fly Fishing, Snowy Hydro and more

Boutique Motel Sefton House offers the finest Tumut accommodation, where you can stay in total comfort. A choice of 9 rooms and suite to choose from or book the entire 9 rooms just for your group of up to 20 people. There is a large luxury lounge, off street gated parking, large undercover verandas, a large kitchen/dining room for hire, Free NBN Wi-Fi and much more. For all your accommodation needs in Tumut, stay at Boutique Motel Sefton House. Tumut is a beautiful town at the foothills of the Australian Snowy Mountains. Panoramic scenery, great food and friendly people. Tumut offers something wonderful to do for the whole family all year round. Snow and water skiing, Trout Fly Fishing, Bush Walks, Rivers, Lakes, Fruit picking and more. Try Fly Fishing, lessons and guiding  for singles, couples and groups are available all year with Tane from Tumut Fly Fishing and accommodation at Boutique Motel Sefton House.

Fly Fishing Season is open – Try It You’ll Love It. Spectacular scenery and crystal clear waters are waiting for you to experience and explore. Book a lesson with Tumut Fly Fishing and your Tumut accommodation at Boutique  Motel Sefton House, today. Call 0269475790.


SNOWY HYDRO 2.0  Expansion Tumut –  GETS THE GO AHEAD

What a game changer, finaly people have realised that the Snowy Hydro is all that it is and so much more. The ability to create unlimited clean energy at will is an absolute reality and congratulations to the federal Coalition for seeing the light. To re use the same water indefinitely to create clean energy is a miracle of nature and human engenuity. Australia is 100% behind the Snowy Hydro 2.0 expansion and the sooner construction can begin the better for all Australians. Please support the legacy of the amazing SnowyHydro Scheme and continue to expand this engineering marvel many times more, there seems to be no limit to its potential to supply clean energy for all Australians. We look forward to welcoming the work teams to Tumut once construction begins and providing them with their long term accommodation in Tumt. It is expected to commence in early 2018. Snowy Hydro 2.0  Gets the go ahead, the feasability study has been done and the board have gfiven the Snowy Hydro 2.0 the green light. The cost will be over 4 billion and not the original estimation of 2 billion. This is going to be a huge financial boost for the Tumut region over the next 6 years, and there is talk of Snowy Hydro 3.0 etc will likely follow. We are already receiving strong enquiry for long term accommodation from various companies that are bidding for the works.

Boutique Motel Sefton House was invited to the world pre release screening of the movie The Daughter on the 1st of March 2016, starring Geoffrey Rush, Sam Neil, Ewen Leslie, Miranda Otto, Odessa Young. The premier was held at the heritage Montreal Theatre in Tumut with a pre movie screening Welcome Function held in the courtyard of The Connection and delicious catering done by the Terrace Cafe Tumut which presented the most delicious canapes you could imagine and all handed to us on a silver platter by the most professional and friendly catering caterers, we were treated like royalty, thank you. The owners of Boutique Motel Sefton House were invited VIP guests to attend the premier of this amazing movie which was filmed in the Tumut Region. Boutique Motel Sefton House was chosen as an accommodation venue during the filming of the movie. At the premier of the movie is current owner of Boutique Motel Sefton House Tumut, Tony Keremelevski with Tumut Shire councilor Margaret Isselmann. Everyone at the premiere was dressed beautifully and the atmosphere was nothing short of Hollywood Comes to Tumut. Congratulations to the organisers of this world premier event, the movie producers and the Tumut Shire Council under the guidance of the Comdev team Rebecca Denson, Trudy Crawford, Shelley Jones, Barb McKinnie and all the other great team members. Well done and we all look forward to more movies being filmed in this region, eg, Thor, Alien etc. Vera Roddy who is without equal the greatest and most passionate Tourist Information manager of all time, would have been proud to see Tumut at its finest. The movie, The Daughter is a must see for all who appreciate great acting that defines our natural human temptations and consequences, filmed in the magnificent Tumut Shire.
Tane and Renaa Boutique Motel Sefton House.

 1/ The Tumut Fly Fishing season is available all year round. Come and see the spectacular scenery. Book a lesson now with Tane from Tumut Fly Fishing.

2/ Tumut Shire Council has merged with Tumbarumba Shire Council.  

It is now known as SNOWY VALLEYS COUNCIL. This will no doubt bring great benefit to all the shire residents. A coordinated push to widen and seal the Brindabella Road to Canberra should be the first item of the new council. Increase greater awareness to the world about this spectacular area of the Australian Snowy Mountains, words can’t describe the natural beauty.

3  Canberra International Airport Progress  –

Singapore Airlines Signs on as the first carrier to offer international flights from Canberra to singapore and New Zealand from September 2016. The potential for the positive impact to the Tumut Region is amazing. To have an interenational flight service available to the Tumut, Albury, Wagga and other districts is a thenominal befefit to all concerned and it opens up the direct access to the magnificent Snowy Mountains region, Snowy Hydro Scheme, fantastic Kosciusko National park and many more wonderous things, too many to mention. I can advise that Canberra Airport is currently negotiating with various other airlines about providing direct international services into and out of Canberra Airport.  Those discussions are ongoing and  include a direct flight from Middle Eastern hub directly into Canberra.  Political and business leaders have long argued the city was on the cusp of courting international carriers. “We have been working hard on this for certainly three years if not five years,” Mr Byron said. “In the scheme of things that will prove to be a wonderful investment of time because what we do know is that when these services start they will be a success.” Mr Byron said there was strong demand for international flights to Canberra. “The markets in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur are ready for Canberra to sell its product through direct flights,” he said. “So it’s warmed up, the work has now been done to guarantee those flights will be a success when they start.” ACT Government still urging airlines to sign on ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr said the search for carriers to service the airport was continuing. “We continue to press our case and I think the important thing is that we are now being considered in ways that we weren’t [before] because of the infrastructure capability at Canberra airport,” Mr Barr told 666 ABC Canberra. “All of those who have been writing and corresponding with airlines and with government – thank you for your support.” Mr Barr said he had also been discussing the issue and the potential benefits for the wider Canberra region with the New South Wales Premier.  “Sydney Airport has more or less admitted that it can’t cope with the demand from China that it expects to see in the next decade,” Mr Sandilands told 666 ABC Canberra. “The building of a second airport in Sydney… isn’t going to change that reality.” He said many visitors to Australia now wanted to begin their journey in one city and finish in a different port. “There’s a lot of reasons why it has happened that Canberra is an airport that serves that sort of visitor,” Mr Sandilands said.